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In QuickBooks Online, it is possible to attach copies of receipts and other documents to individual transactions.

On the expense side, this is extremely useful for saving receipts to verify certain purchases and expenses.

On the invoice side, project plans, job specifications, even pictures can be attached to customer invoices.

As an example, let’s save a receipt on our computer as a pdf file. Then we will attach that receipt to a credit card charge.

Above is a screenshot of a credit card expense being entered into QBO. The arrow points to the Attachments section of the transaction window. We have a pdf of the receipt. Let’s drag it onto the transaction.

A simple click and drag with the mouse and our credit card receipt is now uploaded and attached to the appropriate expense transaction.

A click on the name of the attached document, shown by the arrow, will instantly open the image of the receipt.

This also works well with invoices. What if we complete a project for a customer and want to associate an image with the invoice?

Above is a screenshot of the invoice transaction in a sample file in QBO. Note the Attachments section. Again, with a click and drag of the mouse, we have attached a photo of the new landscaping job done for this project.

The picture can be easily accessed anytime in the future.

You can save and attach a variety of documents types this way.

A really nice feature is the ability to email the attachment and the invoice together.

Note in the invoice screenshot above, in the list of attachments, the Attach to Email option. Select this, then click Save and send.

Your customer will receive both the invoice and the specified attachment.

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