Top 10 Apps for 2015:

  • Tsheets: #1 rated app for time tracking
  • Zed Axis: import excel/csv/IIF into Quickbooks Desktop and Online
  • 2qbo Convert Pro: Convert PDF bank statements into .QBO (Web Connect) files to upload through bank feeds
  • Expensify: easy to use/implement travel, expense, time, and millage tracking + Expense Reports
  • Bill.com: A/p and A/R Management platform
  • HubDoc: automated bank statement and financial documents fetching
  • ReceiptBank: receipt OCR app
  • Finagraph: easy to read and understand summarized financi
  • Qvinci: consolidate multiple QuickBooks files into a single report
  • MethodCRM: complete Customer Relationship Management for QuickBooks

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Every year, QB Power Hour awards the top 10 apps for QuickBooks the “Top 10 QuickBooks Apps” Award.  Michelle Long and Hector Garcia review all the apps they have used through the years and put together the top 10 list.  The criteria we use is the following:

  • Is the application listed in Apps.com? and/or the Intuit Marketplace?
  • Number of Reviews and/or User Ratings
  • Does it work with QB Online only, QB Desktop Only, or Both?
  • Does the developer provide support? email-based? chat? phone? remote access? other?
  • Does the developer offer a Partnership, Revenue Sharing, and/or an Affiliate program so 3rd party consultants/accountants can benefit financial from recommending the apps to their clients?
  • Frequency of updates and improvements; strong focus on improvements based on user feedback
  • Cost vs. Solution/Value
  • Uniqueness or competitive advantage in the genre they occupy
  • Certification or Training program for Accountants/Consultants
  • Depth of data integration into QuickBooks; which data can transfer and the options/customization available in the integration
  • User Interface, ease of use, learning curve
  • Integration with applications other than QuickBooks
  • Social Media, blogs, and Market leadership/penetration
  • Other Factors

The weight we place to each criteria is our “secret sauce” and ultimately there are both objective and subjective factors that help us make the final decision.  Our recommendations at their core are catalyst for The Firm of Future movement.

To nominate an app for 2017, click here