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VeraSage Institute is the revolutionary think tank for professional-knowledge firms. They challenge people to break free of practice methods that marginalize their professions, undermine their purposes, and fail their clients.  To help this happen, they study and teach burying the billable hour and archaic timesheets, pricing in advance, and treating professionals as knowledge workers instead of timekeepers.  VeraSage attracts diverse thinkers from around the world who are united in the desire to advance the professions.

I (Hector Garcia)listen to their podcast every friday and it has tremendously increased how I think about the services I provide and how to best serve my clients.   I will be writing several articles on things I learn from the podcast, for now, this is some great “food for thought” which are the VeraSage Laws.  These “laws” are the principles that the VeraSage Institute uses as the basis for all their discussions contributions they make to the professions.

Listen to the two recordings that explain all the laws in detail…

Verasage Laws:

  • Baker’s Law: Bad customers drive out good customers
  • Kless’ First Law: He who liveth by the discount, shall ye also perish by the discount.
  • Kless’ Second Law: All measurements are judgments in disguise.
  • VeraSage adoption of the Second Law of medicine: Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.
  • VeraSage Axiom: Ideas are always and everywhere more important than their execution.

    These 5 laws are explained by Ron Baker and Ed Kless @ The Soul of Enterprise Podcast
    Listen to recording here

  • Growth without profit is perilous.
  • Non-rival assets provide more leverage than rival assets.
  • In the real world, debits don’t equal credits.

    These 3 laws are explained by Ron Baker and Ed Kless @ The Soul of Enterprise Podcast
    Listen to recording here



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